Mary S.
Carrollton TX
The sewing was very professional. I like the way the edges are sewn so that they don't slip and make a bump.
Robert J.
Carrollton TX
Your blanket is nice for watching TV. It’s long length allows me to cover from neck to feet and even wrap around my feet. I used to use an Icelandic wool blanket for TV watching on cold nights, but found that the polar fleece is actually much warmer and softer than the Icelandic.

Christi E.
Magnolia TX

My kids are into sports, and the variety of fabrics is extensive. The football theme for our favorite football team is just right for my high school student, who is into the NFL.
Jack H.
Fairfax VA
I received one of your blankets and scarves as a Birthday gift. Most blanket producers are not as accomodating nor as understanding of the needs of the tall.  Your cozy, yet sturdy blanket stretches from head to toe with lots of room for stretching out.  The fleece is longer than any previous blanket that I've owned; and since high school, the shortcomings of blankets have caused much regretted sleep.  I had several friends over to my apartment the other day and it doubled perfectly as a movie blanket, covering all of us sitting on the couch.  Also, I’ve been more than happy to sport the matching scarf during these freezing Virginia mornings on the way to classes.
Sheri B.
McKinney TX
Joan,  I love it!  I used it last night when I went to bed and it was so soft and comfortable.
Marie L.
Carrollton TX
My son loves using his new polar fleece blanket on his bunkbed in place of his comforter bedspread. It’s less bulky, stays tucked in and is the perfect width for use on a bunk bed.