No Longer in Business

Blanket Station is no longer in business as of January 2018. We appreciate all those who have used our services in the past. This site remains for historical purposes only.

Custom Blankets, Pillows, Scarfs

Welcome to Blanket Station, your source for custom Polar Fleece Blankets, Pillows & Scarfs. Polar fleece is the ultimate blanket. It is warmer and softer than wool, flannel or cotton, is lightweight, non-allergenic and machine washable. The difference between our blankets and others which you may find is “Quality” and “Size.” Compare our blankets and you will find both machine and hand-crafted excellence in every stitch. While most other blankets are single layer, ours are double layer for added warmth, and are secured with a machine triple top stitch for a durable and professional finish. This makes it so that the layers do not shift at the edges. Most of our customers want the large size blanket, which well exceeds other blankets sold as “throw blankets” 50x60" in size. Our large blankets are typically 58x94" to keep your entire body warm. They can be used on a twin size bed, or for outdoor sporting events, or simply watching TV. We also offer smaller blankets for use in a baby crib or a yet smaller one as a baby receiving blanket or a dog crate blanket.

Linus, Lucy & the Blanket!Ours are custom blankets, pillows and scarfs. We do not have an inventory of these items. Each item is custom made using your choice of fabric, which can range from college themes, to nature themes, or virtually any desired theme. We provide you with links to websites to show the fabric that is available. It is therefore necessary to discuss your wishes with our seamstress prior to starting work on your order.

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